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About Us

Our Development Consultancy was formed in 1988 specialising in providing and in-company tailored workshops covering Leadership and Management, Service Improvement, Sales & Marketing and Personal Development projects.

Progress International Ltd was set up in January 2002 after a management buyout, as part of the executive management team wished to pursue their dream of expanding our Organisational Change success. We also wished to enhance our Change Management Team to focus more on leading organisations through positive and workable change and be able to support that change with appropriate skills, tools and processes.

This has proven very successful and many of our customers have already reaped the benefits.

We recognise the very exclusive nature of each individual and the organisations they work in.

We recognise too the diversity of ways in which a development issue can be perceived and the many solutions that could be applied. Equally, we recognise that each organisation is in a particular stage of development and its culture will reflect that.

Our job is to empathise with the current culture and situation, understand your people and your goals and be able to connect seamlessly, leading your organisation to achieve its next objective and to go beyond.

We know that there are lots of products and ideas out there that will work in some circumstances but not in all.

It is for that reason we have consciously fought against developing a ‘highly marketable trade-marked package’ and then attempting to maximise market penetration with it. Our solutions will be designed primarily to suit your needs, not our convenience or our shareholders returns.

That doesn’t mean though that we will shy away from recommending an off-the-shelf learning solution where appropriate and cost effective for you.

Our promise is that we will:

Focus on making real change and producing positive results for you.

Only provide experienced and skilled facilitators who can ‘practice what they preach’ – we don’t allow ivory tower theorists on board.

Help you find the most cost effective route to change.

Handle your people and your situations positively and with diplomacy and confidentiality.

Only take on projects we know we can add value to – our customer satisfaction rate, customer retention and recommendation rate is extremely high and we intend to keep it that way.

Maximise the use of active learning techniques but also recognise the need to respond to the full mix of learning styles.

Always tell the truth as we see it. If you are less comfortable with what the truth may hold, we can help with that too.

Continuously seek to find the best way to release the potential of your people and your organisation.

Always act with integrity - we will provide what you need – not just sell you a product or service.

Always fully and equally respect all people.

Walk away from anything we are asked to do that we consider unethical.

     The name and logos of Progress International Limited are trademarked. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

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