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How We Do It

Development Methods

Our resource allows you to take advantage of any combination of the following services that we have used successfully in the past:

Facilitation Workshops
We have run many facilitation workshops focused on specific business, performance or behavioural change. These have covered everything from Inspirational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence through Performance Management to specific Problem Solving, Teambuilding, Customer Service and Sales and Business Development.

Experiential Learning

Psychologists’ state that we remember 10% of what we Hear, 20% of what we See and 90% of what we Experience.

It is for this reason that Progress International utilises (where appropriate) Experiential Learning techniques where the attendees can experience fun and serious development – ensuring that 90% of the learning experience is absorbed, remembered and transferred into the work environment.

Typical learning outcomes would include:

There is clear measurement of skill
and knowledge transfer
Shared Vision
Increased Team Working and Camaraderie
Increased Awareness of Team Dynamics
Visionary and Creative Thinking
Solutions Focussed Thinking
Process Improvement
Relationship Building
Team Creativity
Increased Problem Solving Skills
Enhanced Trust of each other

Increased Personal Confidence
The Art of Delegation and Empowerment
Team Excellence and Team Spirit
Effective Communication
Rapport Building
Personal Leadership
Project Management
Mutual Understanding
Outstanding Motivation
A High Performance Team
Maximised Member Support

Mini-Workshops and Seminars
These have varied from half hour sessions, through two, three and four hour sessions to half day seminars and have varied from small group meetings to company wide workshops or presentations.

Interactive and live online seminars on a variety of topics have been run for a major Blue Chip client. These seminars have been stored on their intranet and are regularly referred to by employees at all levels.

Skills Development Workshops
We offer a wide range of traditional skills development training courses covering standard material at one end of the spectrum, to bespoke workshops that focus on, develop and measure specific competences. The mix varies with pre-course work, design of specific case studies, role-play, video recording and the use of actors, where appropriate.

Feedback Systems
Getting honest and accurate feedback for all managers and employees is a challenge for any company. We have helped many organisations increase the effectiveness of their feedback systems and have successfully facilitated 360 degree feedback and designed subsequent programmes based on development needs identified. We have the ability to run an electronic and remote 360 degree feedback system.

One to One Coaching
One to One Coaching – Many coaching sessions have been run mostly at executive level covering a wide range of leadership, change, performance, behavioural and development objectives.

Remote Coaching
Once a development programme is completed there is sometimes a need for ongoing support for managers or directors. Remote Coaching by our Professional Coaches using telephone appointments allows us to continue the support. Remote Coaching is a time efficient and cost effective support to follow up change and development initiatives.

Supporting Your Own Development Solutions
This involves the training and support to enable your staff to deliver training, facilitation, coaching or problem solving workshops and may include identifying and supporting champions for specific issues. We have also written material and designed and produced handouts for a range of projects.

Performance Management Systems
Over the years we have provided much assistance with design and implementation of Performance Management Systems. Occasionally this has been from inception to evaluation, but often it has been to add the human elements to make a paper process come to life and produce results.

We have a resource library of over 1700 titles and can design bespoke subjects. These cover soft skills, business skills and IT topics. In addition our unique platform offers, Full client rebranding, online performance management, appraisals, 360-degree feedback, personal training planners, automated compliance training and testing.

Blended Learning

We recognise that a combination of learning methods can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of development of staff. The most common request is for online learning prior to practical workshops for honing skills or discussing application of that learning.

Most of our work can be accredited with the ILM or a similar accreditation body, subject to your requirements. We feel strongly that accreditation is linked to the achievement of business objectives rather than being an academic achievement. Talk to us about how we can dove tail your business results with the national accreditation framework.








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