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SkillBites Online Interactive Learning Portal

Are you looking for a flexible elearning solution that is simple to use, interactive, intelligent and can adapt as your needs change…? Then we can help you.


Our flexible solutions enable us to support:

a single individual that wishes to take ownership of their own development


global organisations that wish to create and proactively deploy tailored elearning or blended learning at the touch of a button world wide, cost effectively.

Functionality & Features Available:

Resource Library of 200 Topics Unique Proactive Learning Delivery
Skills Gap Analysis System Easy Content Creation Suite
Personal Training Planner Site Rebranding to your Identity
Training Records Automated Compliance Training/Testing
CPD System Extensive Individual/Corporate Reporting
Testing and Evaluation No Maintenance or Hosting Costs
At its simplest, SkillBites unique learning environment utlises Active Push Learning, which combines the communication power of email with the reference power of the web.
Delegates receive short bites of learning by email and are guided to appropriate further study on-line. This enables delegates learn at a pace to suit their situation.
SkillBites manages the entire educational process automatically for the tutor. Removing the delivery issues allows the tutor to concentrate on the content, and most importantly, measure the learning impact.
Traditional e-Learning harnesses the power of web and database connectivity:
Active Push Learning multiplies the value on e-learning by
integrating email with the web and database:
Key benefits of the Active eMail approach are:
1. Delegates find it much easier to maintain motivation through to completion if their training is individualised to meet their needs and proactively delivered
2. It allows the tutor the option to intervene and manage the education process as it proceeds (similar in fact to the way they would work on a face to face course).
3. It is very simple to create new content
SkillBites offers four distinct environments that work alone or together in any combination (All exploit Active Push learning techniques). Each feature has its own learning delivery, reporting, management and editing suite:

1. eBriefing Library. An active library of eBriefings allows delegates to search for "just in time" training bites, or select short eBriefings that are delivered in bite-sized chunks to their desktops daily.

2. Programmes. e-Courses delivered over time with email instructions linking to on-line instruction, and quizes to monitor progress.

3. TestEd. The competency measurement part of the system allows users to test or train themselves, and present results to supervisors.

4. Appraisal. An appraisal system, (incorporating 360 degree feedback) that allows users to integrate assessment process with Active eMail learning for evidence or as a development solution.



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