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13-14 June
12-13 September
12-13 December


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£795 + VAT

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£675 + VAT

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This course is available as a in-company programme and can be tailored to your specific needs. For further information Click Here


How to turn Conflict into Collaboration

Who Should Attend And Why

Edward Deming, the father of quality management, has said that people can face almost any problem except the problem of people. They can work long hours, face declining business, even the loss of a job, but they can’t deal with the difficult people in their lives. This workshop will help you identify some of the ways you may be contributing to these problems and give you some strategies you can adopt, at work and in your personal life as well.

This two day event is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to study the psychological triggers and the diffusing tactics required to manage conflict and to convert it into collaboration. The workshop includes; identifying personal conflict styles, causes of conflict, conflict management, the application of Appreciative Inquiry to conflict situations.

Highly interactive, utilising ‘state of the art’ indoor experiential learning activities this workshop will allow participants to increase their awareness of emotional intelligence and is guaranteed to deliver FUN with some SERIOUS learning.

Aimed at all those who have responsibility for people, Teams and/ or involved in Customer or Partnership relationships.

By The End Of The Workshop Participants Will Be Able To:

Identify their own personal Conflict Style using Thomas & Kilmann psychometric profiling

Apply Appreciative Inquiry techniques to convert Conflict to Collaboration

Utilise NLP Communication techniques to identify conflict trigger points

Understand the power of Emotional Intelligence

Identify the potential causes of conflict exploring diversity of De-Bono’s Thinking Styles

Apply the ABC of Behavioural Management

Maintain Self Control during conflict situations by understanding their personal Heart/Brain coherence

Analyse Leadership, Followership and Conflict

Deal more confidently with “difficult people” situations


Workshop Overview

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Styles
Understanding your own triggers which cause you to feel in ‘conflict’ – and how to manage the emotions.
Identifying and recognising other peoples’ conflict styles and learning how to manage the diversity of styles.

Principles of Diversity
Exploring the “why?” other people might be “different” to us.
Analysing emotional and psychological reasoning – DeBono’s Thinking Styles

Appreciative Inquiry
Learning how to apply the 4 D’s of Appreciative Inquiry to convert conflict to collaboration
Discovery – Dream – Design - Destiny

Communication Styles – NLP Principles
Exploring how we can modify our communicating styles in order to diffuse and avoid conflict
Choosing the correct “language” and tone
Active Listening skills.
Analysing the psychology of body language

Negotiation Skills
How to use negotiation techniques to diffuse conflict

ABC of Behavioural Management
Understanding psychological emotions and triggers
Understanding what counter emotions we can utilise by identifying the conflictors behaviours

Personal Bio Assessment of Heart / Brain Coherence
A dynamic personal assessment using a bio Heart / Brain software mapping package which demonstrates how we react under conflict leading to stress.
Learn the simple principles of how to de-stress yourself whilst in conflict situations and thus remain in total self-control state.

Collaborative Working – Conflict Avoidance
Learn how to create High Performance Teams with collaborative shared visions

There’s Leadership, Followership … and then there’s CONFLICT!
How to observe and overcome conflict in Teams

Personal Action Plan
Each delegate will writes their own action plan to enable them to transfer their skills to the workplace

Experiential Learning
“Challenge by Choice” experiential activities will bring an enthusiasm, fun and depth of self awareness to this topic by creating an element of conflict and then demonstrating how conflict is resolved


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