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27-26 June
1-2 August
2-3 October
6-7 December


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Building Relationships, Influencing and Dealing With Difficult People

Who Should Attend And Why

This workshop is for anyone who would benefit from a greater understanding of communication and relationship and influencing skills. In particular, it will help those who need to be able to handle conflict and confront people and people issues more positively.

The workshop will increase the delegates ability to assert themselves in a positive and diplomatic manner, develop their rapport building techniques and increase their influencing skills. Personal confidence and effectiveness are key outcomes.

By The End Of The Workshop Participants Will Be Able To:

Understand the differences in people's behaviour and how to modify their own to accommodate

Filter out unproductive communication and uncover what people really mean

Be more confident in their communication and be able to assert them selves appropriately

Understand the value of an open mind and curiosity in conflict situations

Handle emotionally charged situations in a positive way

Develop their skills of empathy, rapport building and influence

Build on their existing skill set and replace unproductive habits with more useful behaviours


Workshop Overview

Introduction and Objectives
your communication issues - your difficult people

Emotions and Effectiveness
programming, emotional triggers and knee-jerk responses
understanding and handling your own emotions and those of others

Transactional Analysis: Ego States and Conditions
how your personality is formed: the roles we adopt
assessing your impact on others and theirs on you
confidence, shaping your future and building your self-esteem
strategies for dealing with those difficult people

Character Style Analysis
the different people ‘styles’
analysing your own style
how people experience you – and you them
working with the values, beliefs and feelings of other people
influencing the differing styles

Communication Skills
enabling powerful change – changing attitudes and paradigms
non-verbal behaviour, aspects of vocal communication and our language
building empathy and rapport

Questioning And Listening Skills
finding out more about the views and concerns of others
active listening
listening barriers and filters
the easy route to agreement - strategy

Specific Situations
accepting criticism
saying no effectively
accepting praise
giving bad news
handling aggression and complaints

The Skills Of Assertion
the ingredients of assertiveness
techniques for effective assertive communication
knowing the impact of your delivery

Action Plan
delegates construct an action plan to develop the use of the new skills and techniques back in the workplace.

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