At Progress International, we believe that for development to be successful, it must meet three essential design principles, which underpin all our programmes.

First: learners must understand that the skills, behaviours and principles being explored are important for them to learn

Second: the delivery of learning must be exciting, thought provoking and interactive

Third: learning has to be directly linked to the issues and challenges that participants experience in the normal working routine

Our focus is on enabling your organisation to deliver service improvements as well as behavioural and cultural change.

To facilitate this, we deliver learning through highly practical workshops, action learning, coaching and work based projects.

All development work is as practical as possible, fully immersing the participants in the learning process. We use a combination of presentations, practical exercises, group discussion, real-life case studies, syndicate work and self-assessment to maintain engagement and promote learning.

On every project we undertake, our principal objective is to deliver results orientated learning, designed to instantly make an impact when applied back in your workplace.