Getting Qualified and Accredited

Most of our clients have different development requirements, so in addition to providing bespoke development, we have also become known for being able to provide a full but flexible accreditation service that offers you the bespoke development you want, which can also be accredited, externally validated or linked to the qualification framework.

CPD Certification

Since 2008 all of our services have been accredited via the CPD Certification Service, whether you opt for online learning or facilitated events with one of our highly experienced facilitators. We offer CPD accredited learning hours as part of our quality assurance as a value added service.

External Recognition

As an ILM Approved Provider, we offer two ways to get ‘the stamp of approval’, so to speak.  Firstly, after identifying precisely what your development requirements are and creating your bespoke programme, we can quality assure, validate and have your bespoke learning recognised by the ILM as a development programme.  Each individual that completes the learning journey will be acknowledged by the ILM and issued with a certificate of participation from the awarding body. This however does not mean the participant is qualified, but certified for their involvement.

Secondly, much along the same lines but with a difference. In addition to attending the programme the participants will be required to produce an assessed piece of work linked to the programme they just completed.  This may for instance involve an assignment, a project that identifies service improvement for your business or even a presentation by each learner about what they have learnt, how they have applied their learning and what difference they believe this has made to the organisation. The assessed element is completely bespoke and linked to your business and is not prescribed by the ILM. Upon completion learners will receive an ILM endorsed certificate.

Getting Qualified

Going one step further, as an ILM Centre of Excellence Progress International offers a full portfolio of Leadership and Management as well as Coaching and Mentoring qualifications.  Unlike many other organisations, our approach is to firstly understand what your actual development requirements are.  Once we understand this we then work with you to identify which qualification level is most appropriate and then look at how your actual requirements map to the qualification units.

Our success is due to a concrete track record of making sure the learning journey your people experience is relevant, practical, engaging and most importantly transfers to the workplace for the long-term.

We believe that our client’s investment in their people’s development should always be about developing the skills, thinking, behaviours, attitudes and mind-sets that fully support the individual and organisational needs of each of our clients. Achieving a qualification while doing this should add real value and should never require a compromise of what the awarding body requires vs what your organisations needs to achieve its aspirations.

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