Assessment and Profiling can be used to significant effect before, during and after employment. From initial recruitment to managing the employment relationship, developing effective teams and even providing outplacement support, profiling helps unlock concealed potential and identify possible barriers to an individual or team’s success.

Assessment underpins the improvement process, highlighting strengths and key performance areas for necessary development at individual, team and board level. Helping identify potential talent and development resources for measuring success against strategic business objectives.

Progress International provides you with the insights you need to focus critical resources in the right place, mitigate risk and ensure your development interventions are high impact, and cost-effective for your business.

As many of our team are British Psychological Society qualified, we are able to access most assessment and profiling tools in the market, and therefore we can work with you to identify the right assessment solution for your specific requirements.

Fundamental qualitative criteria are often straightforward to assess. However, our customers benefit highly from our insight, in particular, psychometric and behavioural assessment and profiling.

Whether you are looking to identify the potential for leadership succession, identifying talent, understanding personal motivations and assessing individuals, as well as team performance or ensuring the right appointment to key leadership roles in your business, we are here to help you.

Our extensive portfolio of assessment and profiling tools mean that we can provide each client with the right assessment tool for their specific requirements.

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