Why Organisational Training is More Vital Than Ever to Support Isolated Workers

In unprecedented times such as these, it is vital that organisations do everything in their power to support and care for their employees. Up and down the nation, and in fact across the globe, employers are facing the same set of problems. This includes worries about keeping their employees productive, helping them adapt to working from home, and ultimately, staying afloat as a business.

Therefore, there has never been a more crucial time for organisations to step up and show exactly what type of employers they are. Those who fail to adequately support their teams will suffer the unfavourable consequences in the not too distant future.

Employees will remember if they are treated badly, but they will also remember if they are dealt with compassionately. This, in turn, leads them to show their appreciation in future endeavours.

Fortunately, just because you can no longer offer your managers face-to-face development opportunities that enable them to adapt their leadership skills to support and motivate their employees, it does not mean that you cannot continue to provide bespoke training options.

You simply need to embrace virtual training and development programmes.

From teaching your leaders how to successfully manage and coach virtual teams, to dealing with common challenges that remote workforces face, keep reading to find out why organisational training is more vital than ever before, both for the wellbeing of your employees, and for the sake of your business.

Plus, read how the implementation of innovative technologies means that your virtual training experience will be more interactive and productive than ever before!

To Show Your Support

As your team comes to terms with a completely new, and most likely, daunting working environment, the first aspect you need to tackle as an organisation is showing your ongoing and unwavering support for them at this difficult time.

Worries they may already have about remote working include:

  • Feeling isolated
  • Establishing a work routine
  • A lack of personal interactions
  • A disappearance of company culture

As an organisation, you need to ensure that your managers and leaders are able to effectively coach, communicate and lead your team as they always do, but now in a virtual capacity.

Our bespoke online programmes are specifically created to help your managers become confident in supporting their employees as they transition into remote working, with the opportunity to engage in practical and engaging training sessions that consistently produce successful results.

Manage with Motivation

Now more than ever, the leaders of your organisation need to be able to effectively engage with their employees to ensure they remain inspired and driven to work, despite their change in circumstance and the ongoing worry of the current global coronavirus crisis.

Making the decision to enrol your managers in a bespoke virtual development programme, that has been specifically designed to help them overcome the direct challenges associated with managing an isolated workforce, can ensure that your organisation continues to thrive throughout this lockdown period and beyond.

Virtual training and development areas you may wish to consider for your managers in include:

Focus on Healthy Mindsets

In the current climate, your employees may not be prioritising their work in the same way they normally do. This is understandably so, as people all over the world are currently in a state of shock and disbelief.

Here at Progress International, part of our training and development ethos involves promoting growth mindsets, but at this time, we believe that healthy mindsets are equally as important. Your employees need to be able to adjust their attitudes and behaviours in order to deal with working remotely and being isolated from both their managers and their colleagues.

By continuing to offer practical learning online, you can help your managers ensure that their employees feel able to work effectively, as well as continue to feel supported in their careers.

Ways in which virtual organisational training and development can help your managers care for their team include:

  • Continuing to develop their skills to help them feel more at ease with their new working environment
  • Supporting them during this transitional time
  • Improving their self-awareness
  • Focusing on their career development opportunities
  • Encouraging employee growth
  • Inspiring employee resilience

If you would like more information about how your organisation could benefit from virtual training & development workshops, or how your mangers can inspire and motivate their isolated workforce, please get in touch with us here today. We are happy to discuss ways to create the perfect bespoke online learning methodology for your business.

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