Building a Professional Digital Presence

How many Zoom meetings have you attended since lockdown began?

Probably more than you care to remember.

You may even feel like a pro when it comes to communicating virtually, having the ability to delegate your team’s daily tasks and offer up a motivational speech for the day ahead, all in a matter of minutes.

However, have you made time to assess how your employees are coming across on screen?

If not, then now is the time to do so, and we warn you, you may be shocked by the results.

From not being dressed appropriately for a professional setting to not being aware of non-verbal gestures that could be giving the wrong impression, many employees up and down the country are currently representing their companies from the comfort of their own homes and they are not doing it well.

Fortunately, it is never too late to teach your employees how to build a professional online presence that will ensure your business is seen in a positive light over the upcoming months as everyone adapts to this new way of working.

Dress to impress

Would your employees come to a business meeting in the office wearing their dressing gown? No, absolutely not. Therefore, you need to make it clear to your team that, even though they may be working from home, they are still representing the company and should dress accordingly.

Of course, this will vary from one business to another, and if your employees are not required to wear a suit to work every day then you cannot expect them to do so at home.

Your best course of action is to be clear and consistent with regard to what you expect in terms of attire.

The importance of framing

Proximity is an important factor in communicating effectively via virtual means. For example, if your employees are sitting too far away from their screens, then they can come across as not engaging enough. However, if they sit too close, part of their head could be cut off!

You should also convey the importance of background.

Think about the first Zoom meeting you ever had. Did you spend more time staring at the background of the other person’s screen rather than the person themselves?

If yes, you are far from alone. It is almost impossible not to look at what is going on in the background when talking to someone from their home.

Therefore, you need to ensure that distracting elements are removed and that your employees have a background that is simple and professional.

Being mindful

Arguably the most challenging step for many employees when attending a virtual meeting, or in fact during any video call, is that they need to be mindful of their presence and their actions.

Although it can be tempting to try and multi-task, paying attention at all times is crucial if you don’t want to risk the reputation of your business.

Interested to know more techniques that can help your employees build a professional digital presence?

We offer bespoke training, which of course can be facilitated virtually or in person, that are specifically designed to help you navigate the perils of having a remote workforce, including how to ensure your employees to promote a professional digital image at all times.

please get in touch with us here today. We are happy to discuss ways to create the perfect bespoke online learning methodology for your business.

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