We work in true partnership with our clients to design and deliver sustainable development solutions

Training and Development Services

We don’t just develop peoples skills sets, we specialise in positively changing mindsets, behaviours and attitudes of individuals within the workplace.


Leadership Development addresses an individual’s ability to influence people, through personal actions and behaviour, towards achieving a common goal.

360 degree feedback

360 Degree

The 360 degree feedback process is an excellent way for line managers and employees to get an all-round accurate assessment of performance.


Personal Development is an ongoing process that can and should continue throughout an individual’s career, to enable potential to be achieved.

Customer case studies

Our clients

We’ve helped 100’s of businesses to positively changing mindsets, behaviours and attitudes of individuals and teams within the workplace with training and development programmes.

6 Reasons to work with Progress International

We assist organisations to achieve sustainable change and development that transfers to the workplace for the long-term.


We care about people and put their development and the well-being of their organisations at the heart of everything we do.


We believe in embracing diversity and ensure that valuing and respecting others forms the foundation of all that we do.


We believe that we can only be effective if we achieve open and honest communication at all times.

Team Work

We work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders to deliver sustainable results.


We take responsibility and are open to challenge.


We focus our actions and decisions on achieving our shared goals with our clients.

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