Thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, more and more businesses are moving over to working remotely.

This post presents examples of companies that are making a great job of working remotely.

1.   Paypal

PayPal was always destined to be a remote working company, thanks partly to its “employee-lite” business model. It is now leading the charge in the work-from-home revolution and benefiting from the recent surge in online sales.

Why is it doing so well?

Partly, it has to do with the attitude of the leadership team. CEO Dan Schulman told Bloomberg that he’s planning on implementing a three-two hybrid approach, where employees are in the office for a couple of days, and at home for the rest. The approach, he hopes, will assuage the concerns of some employees about the risks of returning to regular office work.

2. provides family history research facilities across more than two million records. Even before the pandemic, it facilitated remote working. However, once COVID-19 hit, it upped its game even more.

Currently, it’s doing all its interviews and onboarding remotely, providing support to new hires. And it’s now drawing from a much larger global talent pool, something it wasn’t doing before the pandemic hit.

3.   Gartner

Gartner is a data collection and IT advisory company. Over the last year, it has advertised multiple remote job roles, including executive partner.

Garnet announced in October 2020 that its associates would have the option of working from home until August 2021. The company continues to invest in its people, providing many colleagues with financial support during this challenging time. It’s also offering special support programs for working parents, mental health assistance, and paid time off work.

4.   Mastercard

Mastercard is a payment processing company and operates one of the fastest transaction networks in the world. It says that it will continue operating a work-from-home policy until the pandemic subsides and people feel comfortable going to the office.

Mastercard’s success with remote working stems largely from its “future of work” task force. The group – which operates inside the company – specialises in figuring out what employees need and how to support them during the crisis. It provides support for everything, from setting up a remote office to assisting with real estate transactions.

5.   Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide says that it is going to move to a permanent “blended” work model, meaning most of its employees will work from home indefinitely. Upwards of 98 per cent of its staff now work remotely and, according to the company, the new arrangements aren’t affecting its ability to serve its customers.

The company’s remote working success comes down to investment in technology, according to CEO, Kirt Walker. Associates are able to converse with clients and other members of the team easily, thanks to the implementation of cloud-based systems. Much of the work was already done before the pandemic hit, making the move out of the office a somewhat natural step for the firm.

Companies operating remote working models need to continue their focus on training more now than ever. Coaching and professional development programmes can help keep staff engaged, even while they’re away from the office.

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