Coaching Services

Coaching can be used to support staff members at all levels within the organisation.

Coaching Services

Learning and development consulting services

At key times in the development cycle of a business, or an individual within the business, coaching can play a vital part in transforming performance.

Coaching is best carried out on a one-to-one basis and can address specific issues such as →

→ Behavioural and attitudinal development or correction
→ Redundancy
→ Transferable skills
→ Career development and progression
→ Competence acceleration
→ Talent management
→ Succession planning

Our team of over 20 qualified coaches are able to provide individually tailored support programmes to suit every scenario.

We believe the ability to coach is a core skill required by every successful manager, leader or project manager.

At a basic level, the ability to coach will provide your people with the ability and confidence to have difficult conversations more effectively, to engage more effectively with their teams and help them to be more effective in their roles.

Positive impact of coaching

Many of the more successful organisations have over the recent years recognised the positive impact of coaching and have made a conscious decision to develop an organisational coaching culture.

This has also resulted in many moving away from traditional annual appraisals to a culture of continuous conversation.

Whether you are looking for:

→ Individual coaching for a specific person or team
→ Looking to develop the basic coaching ability of your managers and leaders
→ Are looking to create a true organisational coaching culture

We have the experience to support you.

Customer case studies

We’ve helped 100’s of businesses to positively change mindsets, behaviours and attitudes of individuals and teams within the workplace. Here is a selection of our real customer case studies.

ILM Approved Centre and qualifications

For those organisations that are keen to offer nationally recognised qualifications, We are proud to be an accredited ILM Centre of Excellence, providing Coaching & Mentoring qualifications, which are tailored to your organisational needs.

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