Retaining key employees is an integral part of any functioning work environment. If you keep having to replace your best talent, you will lose time, money, and loyalty from your other staff.

Unfortunately, a lot gets in the way of people sticking around, especially in 2022 with the labour shortages. Many people are finding jobs elsewhere, meaning getting people to work for you for a long time is harder.

Luckily, though, there are solutions – it just requires more effort on the part of the leaders. Here is how to keep your key people in 2022.

Invest in Individual Growth

Employees want to know that their time at work isn’t wasted – that their efforts are going somewhere. Otherwise, they might seek a better, higher-paying job elsewhere.

To keep the best talent around, invest in their individual growth. Help your employees climb the ladder and attain a higher role they want. It’s an essential part of effective leadership, as it ensures people get to thrive where they do best. Provide training opportunities, host one-on-one meetings, and work toward uncovering your employee’s strengths.

workplace wellbeing

Improve Workplace Wellbeing

Wellbeing is essential for the workplace.

Workers needed to feel cared for and understood by their employers. Otherwise, they won’t put as much effort in, and they may eventually leave the company.

Improve workplace wellbeing by providing a positive environment, listening to employee feedback, and allowing more flexibility. Encourage healthier habits, too, like nutritious lunches and lunch-time walks.

Provide Fair Salaries

It’s hard to talk about employee retention without talking about salary. If you want your best talent to stay put, you need to offer them a fair wage. Otherwise, they will use their skills for a company that pays them more.

Offer More Flexibility

Some excellent workers require hours that don’t match the typical nine until five. Others might need specific time off for personal reasons or require hybrid working due to their family obligations.

Offering more flexibility will help you keep those kinds of workers. Plus, if people can work in a way that suits them, you’ll get a better performance out of them.

Focus on Better Management

More often than not, people leave jobs because of poor management. Maybe they feel micromanaged, or perhaps their team leader isn’t helping them grow in their career. Good leadership is essential if you want your best talent to stay with the company. Effective leaders and leadership training will help you grow a great team.

Listen to Employees

When employees don’t feel heard, they don’t feel like they matter.

Listening to employee feedback is crucial, as this is when you’ll hear about their concerns.

This information could make the difference between keeping your best staff or watching them go.

Provide employees with an easy way to provide feedback to ensure they are heard.

It doesn’t have to be hard to keep your key people in 2022. Instead, focus on better leadership, growth opportunities, and flexibility to ensure your best people stay loyal.

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