The 360 Degree Feedback process is an excellent way for Line Managers and employees to get an all-round accurate assessment of performance. But without the right tools it can become an extremely difficult process that quickly and easily gets overlooked.

At Progress International we offer a multi-rater feedback system delivered by our award winning online platform. This makes it incredibly easy for 360 Degree Reviews to be set-up, and most importantly, it’s very simple for participants to provide feedback.

Carrying out the review is only the start of the process. The most important part of any 360 Degree Feedback is how the information is used to reward the employee and to help them to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our team of highly experienced professionals are available to help your company review your employees performance.

A successful 360 Degree Feedback programme benefits the organisation in a number of ways:

  • A cost effective method for supporting the development of individuals
  • A fair and unbiased assessment model
  • Demonstrates commitment to employee development
  • Improves team working
  • Encourages self-awareness and self-responsibility

At Progress International we don’t believe that a ‘one size fits all’ model for 360 Degree Feedback works. We offer three levels of survey design and implementation.

360 Instant – create the feedback process that suits your operation, using the pre-set validation framework.

360 Options – choose from 29 themes relevant to your organisation and review groups.

360 Unique – use your own set of unique performance indicators, or we can create a truly unique rating system for you using our proven technology.

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